Refugees’ & their Coherently Integration Services

RCIS is an effective program that offers a variety of services to assist refuges coming from many developing countries.

Our services includes:

  1. Refugees' Smooth Settlement and easy Integration Services

  2. Communication Services

  3. Cultural & Social Adjustment Services

  4. Health & Wellness Services

  5. Accessing & Bilateral Engagement Services

  6. Educational & Professional development Services

Refugees' Smooth Settlement and Easy Integration Services:

Under this program we offer:

      • Welcome services for new arrivals that include:
        • Pre arrival accommodation arrangements
        • Traveling arrangements
        • Housing preparation services
        • Preliminary transportation services
        • Assisting with driving learning and driving permit and licensing process
        • Clothing assistances
        • Household furniture, utensils services
        • Appointments services
Communication Services:

This includes:

      • Language learning assistance.
      • Interpretation Services.
Cultural & Social Adjustment Services

This include:

      • Crucial American Cultural knowledge
      • Worship places and links
      • Community connections
      • Cultural needed food
Health & Wellness Services:
      • Obtaining medical coverage
      • How medical services work here?
      • Transportation for medical appointments
      • Interpretation services during medical appointments
      • Follow-ups and reminders

Accessing & Bilateral Engagement Services:

      • Finding mentoring family
      • involving them in cross cultural activities
      • Transporting to events
      • Financial support for participation in these events
Educational & Professional Development Services:
This includes:
    1- Children Educational Services:

      • Children enrolment in the right schools
      • School transportation arrangements
      • School stationary and other needs
      • Mentoring facilitation
    2- Adult Education need and services.

    3- Professionals linkage and integration process and assistances.