The world is a God created share place for all of us. All lives must be respected and provided with equal access, opportunities and resources regardless of their associations of any kind, except those with a criminal nature.


HIPP's mission is to encourage and assist people across the globe to better understand each other and work together by finding ways and means to accomplish global peace and prosperity (GPP) while preserving Human Dignity (HD) by applying the Six Pillars of Global Peace (SPGP). To widely engage, and further educate, and untidily inspire and mobilize people worldwide the public to peacefully resolve the ongoing miscommunication, hate rate, and armed conflicts across the globe and to provide economical opportunities and prosperous living with dignity and respect for all human around the globe. For details, on SPGP, Click here.


Honesty, Dignity, Respect, Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, Equality and Justice are our uncompromised values..


At HIPP, we are committed to provide the most effective and efficient services with the utmost respectful ways and means and in a timely manner.

Founder's Message:

By: Dr. Millatmal

"I owe a great debt to the people of Afghanistan who helped put me through my medical school. And, I owe an equal debt to America for giving me refuge."

Events that occur in any part of the world, can affect us so quickly and intensely, so we can no longer maintain the feelings of safety and security even in our homes. These changes, which occur in the lives of others, require us to reevaluate and redirect our belief and action for the best of humanity throughout the globe. Therefore, global thinking and global strategies must be a part of everyone's life, regardless of the roles we play in our own environment.

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