Global Language /Effective Communication Services (GLECS):

USE our GLECS to receive the most accurate, cross linguistic services for the most common languages spoken worldwide. HIPP also provides Cross Cultural, Operational Cultural, and ISO-immersion Cultural classes; Presentations and Role Plays for most countries in demand. Our Effective Communication services include:

1- Global Languages Services (GLS):

    • Languages Translation Services (LTS)

    • Languages Interpretation Services (LIS)

    • Simultaneous Interpreting Services (SIS)

    • Sign Language Services (SLS)

    • Languages’ Teaching & Training Services (LTTS)


Our language services are offered in the following three levels:

    1. Star Level Language Services:
      General language services offered by our star providers.

    2. Super Star Level Language Services:
      Provided by our Super Star providers.

    3. Professional Language Services:
      Professional specific language services provided by Star level professionals of that field such as Medical, Court, Immigration, etc...

      Our language services are offered in the following two settings:
          • Onsite (In person)
          • Offsite (by Phone, Skype/Voice and Text Chat)

2. Cultural Related Services (CRS)

    • General Cultural Classes (GCC)

    • ISO- Immersion Cultural Classes (ISO-ICC)

    • Operational Cultural Classes (OCC)

    • Cultural Presentations (CP)

    • Role Play Services (RPS)