Six Pillars of Global Peace:

Global peace is a great concept everyone is interested in. Unless we specify practical approaches for accomplishing global peace, and put those concepts into practice, global peace will remain just a theory. From the HIPP founder’s perspective, the following are the fundamental mechanisms for accomplishing global peace.

1.  Effective Communication:
People across the globe are kept very distant from each other. As a result, not knowing each other affects the level of their love and trust in each other, and provides opportunity for mistrust and hate. We must find ways and means to better connect people with each other across the globe.

2.  Positive Education:  
Due to evil influences, some education has been misdirected, which leads youth in a negative direction. Political motives and the media are intentionally and unintentionally suppressing moral values and human responsibilities by promoting and enforcing violence, improper sexuality and other negative behavior. We must take immediate action to replace the media’s negative effect with positive images and news.

3.  Strengthen the Families:
HIPP believes that family serves as the building blocks of a society and is the primary and the most effective and influencing environment for teaching and developing human behavior. Healthy families create healthy communities, societies and nations. Therefore, we must strengthen our families in all aspects.

4. Democracy for Every Individual and Every Country:
A major reason for the presence of so many conflicts in developing countries is that they are controlled by dictators and non-elected governments.  The lack of democratic governments facilitates suppressive regimes and terrorist bonds. Therefore, we must make every possible effort to establish democracy in every country.

5.  Financial Freedom and Independence:
Poverty is another reason that people in underdeveloped countries are forced to participate in terrorism, cultivate poppies and smuggle drugs. These conditions are favorably used by those who wish to conduct evil activities against humanity.

6.  Equality in Human Value and Justice for Everyone:
Humans are all created equally. We must respect and treat all humans equally regardless of their skin color, native origin, religious beliefs and gender. A child in Africa should have the same value as a child in the United States. Basic fundamental human rights should be granted to all humankind.